TAJIKISTAN (March 2020) – FOCUS USA has secured funding for essential emergency medical supplies as well as communication efforts to raise awareness about the global coronavirus pandemic.

The procured stock of essential supplies included 1,500 disposable gowns, 2,500 pairs of disposable shoe covers, 2,000 disposable caps, 2,500 surgical masks, 100 respirators, 6,000 pairs of gloves, 250 disposable coveralls, 90 goggles, 100 waterproof aprons, 50 waterproof boots, four thermo-scanners, 200 kilogram of hydrochloride, 30 kits of PPE, as well as medication.

The funding has also helped distribute thousands of leaflets and posters to better educate the general population about COVID-19. A majority of the supplies and communication material, obtained by health units and facilities in the capital town and in the seven districts of the vulnerable GBAO region, has served hundreds of thousands of residents across the region. Overall, these support efforts constitute a significant boost to Tajikistan’s preparedness levels in managing and containing the spread of COVID-19.

As the global coronavirus crisis continues to evolve, FOCUS USA is committed to providing ongoing support for the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat team in Tajikistan and beyond.

1 Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) was established in 2016.  AKAH brings together resources of different AKDN agencies including FOCUS, the entity that helps mitigate risk and impact from natural disasters. FOCUS continues to provide financial support for AKAH’s efforts in responding to natural disasters.