Who we are


Our mission is to help save lives, reduce suffering and create sustained resilience in communities most prone to emergencies and severe natural hazards.

FOCUS Globally

Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) is an international crisis response and disaster risk management agency dedicated to providing emergency relief to vulnerable communities in the wake of crises. Our work seeks to prepare communities most prone to disaster by implementing disaster risk reduction programming as well as resettlement and reintegration programming for populations displaced by civil instability, conflict, or climate events.


FOCUS was founded in 1994 by the Ismaili Community under the guidance of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and currently operates in countries in Central, West, and South Asia; Europe, and North America to provide emergency relief, principally in the developing world. The organization serves people in need by reducing their dependence on humanitarian aid and facilitating their transition to sustainable, self-reliant, and long-term development.


Since our inception in 1995, Focus Humanitarian Assistance USA (FOCUS USA) has been serving vulnerable communities throughout Central and South Asia in the aftermath of devastating disasters. We are also committed to fostering and building disaster-resilient communities in susceptible areas—including within in the United States—by developing disaster risk mitigation programs to minimize impact and better prepare families and individuals before environmental disasters such as hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, or earthquakes strike.


As an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), FOCUS USA collaborates closely with several of its branches. FOCUS USA also works with a number of other mission-driven agencies and donor partners. These include partner government and government agencies, NGOs, as well as corporations that share an interest in the effort to provide relief and support services during and following emergency and disaster events.